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🌿 all-natural, essential oils only
✨ contains (phthalate-free) fragrance

Clean & Fresh / Dark & Spicy & Earthy / Floral / Gourmand & Sweet

Clean / Fresh

Atalanta 🌿 
Named after the young woman from mythology who was raised by bears and could not be beaten in a race — except once, when she was distracted by a golden apple. Starts off citrus and dries down to a clean, green scent. Amber, clary sage, bergamot, lime, grapefruit (pink), fir needle, cypriol.

Isaboe ✨
Clean, sweet, and floral. Sandalwood, sweet milk, and honey are blended with earthy fig, while honeysuckle and violet add the softness of a field of flowers. Sandalwood, tonka bean, fragrance.

Lady Godiva 
Meant to evoke the legendary woman’s naked ride through town, done to appeal to her husband for leniency on her people; bright lavender and bergamot are tempered by rosewood and earl grey. Davana, lavender, neroli, bergamot, rosewood, fragrance.

Lavender Menace 🌿
Two different lavenders are given a little darkness and spice with ginger and patchouli, grounded by oakmoss. They balance each other so that you get a hot and feisty lavender. French lavender, bulgarian lavender, ginger, patchouli, oakmoss.

Dark / Spicy / Earthy

Bulldagger  ✨
Motor oil, dirt, and firewood are layered with fresh pine needles, plus a dash of root beer for a vintage sweet note. Muhuhu (African sandalwod), ambrette seed, amber, pine needle, fragrance.

Haven 🌿 
Like being snuggled up with a cup of coffee in a cabin surrounded by woods and flowers; the warmth of clove, coffee, and vanilla are underscored by the earthiness of green violet leaf and oakmoss. Cedarwood, clove, coffee, lavender, vanilla, violet leaf, ylang ylang, oakmoss absolute.

Morrighan 🌿
Smooth chocolate and ylang ylang are backed by the scent of warm woods. Similar to Haven, but a little sweeter. Cedarwood, vetiver, fir, cocao absolute, ambrette seed, patchouli, geranium, ylang ylang, and palmarosa.

Quintana ✨
Vanilla, incense, and tobacco mingle with neroli and sea kelp, combining mysterious smoke with murky water. Neroli, vanilla bourbon, fragrance.


Anthemusa ✨
Smooth, fresh floral. Salty, kelpy island water dashed with coconut milk and light flowers. Coconut pulp, rose, fragrance.

An explosion of flowers to represent the Tarot’s Empress, including jasmine, honeysuckle, lilies, and roses, with a hint of orange. Rosewood, jasmine, mandarin, rose, fragrance.

Mossflower ✨
Like burying your face in a lilac bush at the height of their season; lilac and rose are layered on top of moss and dirt. Vetiver, oakmoss absolute, agarwood, rose absolute, fragrance.

Sappho ✨
Named for the famous poetess who loved women and wrote flowery odes to them. Starts off strongly violet, but then rose, lily, peony, and crisp air blossom through. Rose absolute, fragrance.

Summer 🌿 
A bright, warm, flirty floral with a dash of juicy fruit.  Clary sage and agarwood give it a clean, outdoorsy base; mandarin and a drop of almond make it sweet; and geranium and patchouli give it a burst of spicy flowers. Almond bitter, patchouli, geranium, mandarin, clary sage, agarwood.

Gourmand / Sweet

Carousel ✨
Brings to mind county fairs, popping bubblegum, a little cotton candy, and the scent of apple and peach cobbler.  Peppermint, fragrance.

Femme Mystique  ✨
Fluffy, sugary fairy cakes lightened with bubbly champagne, and garnished with lilac and irises. Green cognac, tonka bean, fragrance.

Latte 🌿 
Simply put, it smells like a latte! Has also been described as chai with a dash of espresso. Coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, clove.