Ordering & Shipping

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Turnaround time is 5-10 business days, depending on my current order volume.

Shipping time depends on what you choose during checkout. Actual time in transit is out of my hands, but in my experience, it takes 3-4 days with domestic USPS First Class, approximately 1 week for USPS First Class International to Canada, and around 2 weeks for all other international orders.

I’m not sure which perfume to get. Do you offer recommendations?

Absolutely! If you’re buying as a gift and need some direction, I’m happy to do that.  You can contact me via the website chat (if it’s online) or by email, or of course through the Etsy shop.

How do I get a custom perfume? What kind of things can I request?

You can use this form on the website or  use the custom order feature in the Etsy shop.

You let me know what you are interested in, and I will ask questions or make recommendations based on that. Once we have that all figured out, I will either send an invoice or create a custom Etsy listing for you to purchase.

Here are some examples of past custom requests:

  • “Haven” as a hair perfume.
  • Perfume inspired by the “Big Blue” bath bomb from Lush.
  • Perfume described as “baking apricots simmered in honey and wine, with bread and woody notes in the background.”
Is my information secure?

You betcha!  ♥  The entire website is secured with SSL and Cloudflare. The checkout process is handled either by PayPal or Simplify (MasterCard).

Do you do wholesale orders?

Because my items are handmade to order/in small batches, I don’t do huge wholesale orders. That said, if you have a small/independent store you want to carry my perfumes in, I would be thrilled to work with you and I do offer discounted pricing. I’m also willing to work with you if you are placing a larger-than-usual order (say, as gifts for a big bridal party or something). Just contact me for more info!

I’m a blogger/reviewer; can I get free samples?

Maybe! 🙂 Contact me with details (what/when/where/how). I have offered them in the past if I think it will result in a good return.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The website gives you the option of  checking out with either PayPal or Stripe, which both accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

Can I change my shipping address? If I placed a couple orders, can I combine the shipping?

There’s a good chance the answer is yes! As long as you haven’t already received a shipping notification,  just contact me and let me know the details.


General information/tips
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, or have skin sensitivities or allergies, please consult your doctor before use and/or purchase a sample first.
  • Store your perfumes in a temperature-stable area, out of direct sunlight. Stored properly, your perfume should be good for at least a year.
  • Shake your perfume gently before using! Some oils have different consistencies or, like oakmoss or vanilla, contain particles, and giving it a gentle shake makes sure everything is mixed properly.
  • I find the best place to apply perfume oils is in the crook of the elbow or behind the ears — or even putting a dab on my fingers and threading through my hair. These spots are less likely to rub off than your wrists.
  • You also get more wear time out of a perfume by applying it to moisturized spots. If your skin is dry in certain areas, avoid those or apply a light lotion beforehand.
How and where are your perfumes made?

The how:

For perfumes available in the store, I generally pre-blend the scents in batches, but wait to dilute and bottle it until someone orders.

For custom orders, that of course is always made to order.

The where:

I work out of my home, but have designated our spare room as my office for all Lilac & Moss business.

What’s the different between essential oil and fragrance oil perfumes?

Good question!

First, the most important similarity is that they are both oils. If you are sensitive to commercial perfumes or just don’t like them, a major factor in this may be that they are usually made with a base of alcohol, which is what gives it that strong astringent smell. Oils are, predictably, much softer and smoother.

Now, the basic difference is that essential oils are natural and fragrance oils are not. Essential oils are directly extracted from plants (or other natural materials like coffee beans), and fragrance oils are synthetically created.

However, I carefully choose my fragrance oils! Everything, including the fragrance oils, is vegan and alcohol- and phthalate-free.

I have scent or skin sensitivities. Can I wear this perfume?

Lilac & Moss perfumes are made with a base of oil (instead of alcohol like commercial perfumes) and with limited ingredients, so in general they are more gentle on your nose and skin.

That said, if you know you have sensitivities, definitely exercise caution! Although the dilution ratio I use is skin-safe, certain oils like cinnamon or clove are more prone to irritating your skin. It may be best for you to look into these and either avoid those scents or start by ordering a sample.

How strong are these perfumes?

First, it’s important to understand that perfume oils, by their nature, wear closer to the body, and may not be as strong as an alcohol-based eau de parfum, for example.  That said, don’t think perfume oils are weak! They just tend to be noticed by people next to you, and not people in the next room 😉 On average, they should last about 4-5 hours per application.

My perfumes have a concentration of approximately 20% fragrance/essential oils. I’m happy to formulate something stronger for you as a custom request; just contact me.

How are the perfumes bottled and packaged?

All full-size perfumes are bottled in 8ml amber glass bottles with a wand applicator.

Bottles are sealed with a shrink wrap seal.  Any extra bubble wrap or packing peanuts I use are recycled from my supply orders 🙂

Why does my perfume look cloudy? Why are there specks in it?

Certain ingredients can cause it to look cloudy (like oakmoss), or this can also occur if oil from your skin makes it back into the bottle. In most cases it doesn’t have an impact on the perfume.

Many heavy absolutes (again, such as oakmoss, vanilla, etc.) can also result in floating specks, blobs, crystals, or settling at the bottom. Just shake the bottle gently before using and you’re good to go.