Below is the list of notes/oils I keep in stock that are readily available for custom orders. If you don’t see a note you want listed, you can still fill out the custom request form! Often times I can suggest a comparable alternative, and I can also usually order the specific note for you as well.

Base Middle Top
Agarwood (oudh) Allspice Aldehyde
Amber Anise Almond, bitter
Ambrette seed Baby powder Apple
Amyris Bamboo Banana
Basalm of peru Blackberry Basil
Bread Cake Bergamot
Brown sugar Caraway Bubblegum
Buttercream Cardamom Buttered popcorn
Cassie absolute Chamomile Champagne
Cedarwood Cinnamon Cilantro
Copaiba Clary sage Clary sage
Cypriol Clove Cotton candy
Dirt Cocao Cranberry
Dulce de leche Coconut pulp Earl grey tea
Green cognac Coffee Eucalyptus
Hibiscus Cotton Freesia
Jasmine Cypress Fresh water
Labdanum Davana Grapefruit
Library/books Dragon’s blood Green tea
Muhuhu Fig Honeydew
Nag champa Fir needle Hyacinth
Oakmoss Gardenia Hydrangea
Oatmeal Geranium Iris
Patchouli Ginger Lemon
Rootbeer Ginger lily Lilac
Sandalwood Grass Lime
Seaweed Green cognac Linden blossom
Sweet pumpkin Heliotrope Mandarin orange
Teak wood Honeysuckle Mango
Tobacco Immortelle/Helichrysum Neroli
Tonka bean Kelp Ocean/sea water
Vanilla Lavender Peach
Vanilla musk Lily of the valley Pear
Violet leaf Macadamia Peony
Ylang ylang Maple Peppermint
Milk & honey Pink magnolia
Motor oil Raspberry
Palmarosa Shortbread
Pumpkin Strawberry
Rose Violet
Rosewood Watermelon
Stemone (green stems)
Toasted marshmallow
Tonka bean