About Lilac & Moss

Lilac & Moss perfumes started in 2015. My nose was always sensitive to commercial perfumes and astringent smells, but I discovered natural scents were just fine. So, I started to make my own!

Lilac & Moss essential oil perfumes are made with only essential oils, absolutes, and handmade infusions. Fragrance oil perfumes are not “100% natural,” but I have selected the best phthalate-free, mostly single-note (think violet or melon, not “pink sugar”), and alcohol-free fragrance oils to use. In my experience, the simplest components give you the best product.

Simply put: with Lilac & Moss, I want to bring you interesting, unusual scents that work, with the added bonus of knowing they are free of undesirable things like alcohol and animal cruelty.

Another important aspect of Lilac & Moss is my approach as a gay feminist. “What on earth does that have to do with perfume?” you might ask.  For me, it’s in the small details: perfume descriptions and promotions are free of gendered language and assumptions about who wears what kind of perfume (I don’t use the phrase “unisex” or “masculine” but instead class them by whether they are earthy, floral, clean, etc). Sappho, Lavender Menace, Femme Mystique, and Bulldagger are odes to lesbian culture. I also will never include racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive names or descriptions. I love when someone who is normally marginalized can look at my products and go “Hey, these are for me–this company sees me.”

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Supplier & Health Information

I source my oils and components from a few main suppliers, who all have confirmed statements that they do not support animal testing, and that their products are vegan. I occasionally source from other essential/fragrance oil suppliers, but always hold any purchases to the same standards.

Perfumes use a base of fractionated coconut oil. All other ingredients are disclosed on product pages so you can make the best choice regarding any sensitivities or allergies.

All perfumes are absolutely vegan, alcohol-free, and phthalate- and preservative-free.

About the Maker

I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area with my wife and our three cats.

By day, I work as a legal executive assistant in Big Law. By night, I mostly veg out on the computer, sometimes playing games (some favorites are Life is Strange, Long Live the Queen, and almost anything built on Twine), binge on Netflix (I enjoy shows like Criminal Minds), or read YA . . . but I also do this perfume gig. My personal favorite scents are roses, violet, clary sage, patchouli (I know!), and interesting gourmands.

Lilac & Moss is currently run by myself only.  🙂  All parts of the perfume creation process are handled by me, as well as the label, logo, and website design.