Lilac & Moss creates interesting & wearable handmade vegan perfumes for everyone.


Vegan & cruelty-free
All components are carefully sourced to ensure they are vegan and that the companies do not support animal testing.
Lesbian owned & LGBT friendly

Products are as free as possible of gendered language, and make no assumptions about who is wearing them!

Always handmade
Perfumes are made by hand by me, and are only bottled up when you place your order.
Safe for humans too!

Made with essential oils and phthalate- & alcohol-free fragrances + components in a fractionated coconut oil base.

Top Rated Products


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So fresh. much better than the headaches I get from perfume from the store.
Michelle via Etsy

[Quintana] is...Dark, sexy, smokey, androgynous, but also smelling like old boats, ocean and adventure. It is a dark, candelabra-lit bedroom, in an ancient wooden pirate ship floating off the Spanish coast.

Pox via Etsy

I bought a sample of Femme Mystique, and WOW the iris is just interesting! On me, I could smell dark purple irises ... contrasted with soft and uplifting lilacs and a soft cupcake note which makes me think of the texture of madeleines or fairy cakes! It's an absolutely regal and aristocratic 'gourmand' scent.

Bredleder via Etsy
I LOVE these perfumes. It's hard to find completely natural products that are expertly blended and crafted AND smell and look beautiful. Journey is also extremely accommodating to special requests and time limitations.
Christy via Etsy

The packaging was great and this arrived quickly. I already knew I loved the scent [Atalanta]. It's actually my all time favorite perfume right now. It is really amazing.

Kat via Etsy