Lilac & Moss

Lilac & Moss is closed.

I am so thankful for all the fantastic customers I’ve had since I opened three years ago, who have made doing this a pleasure.

The decision has been hard, and one I’ve been putting off for a while. But L&M had always been a side job, and I have other interests that are calling to me (I’ve been writing a lot lately!).

I don’t rule out one day opening L&M again, but for now, this is definitely not a hiatus, it’s a closure.

All currently open orders and orders placed during that time will be processed, though please be patient, as the order volume for the closing sale was very large. If you have an order currently open that has not been shipped and you wish to have it refunded for any reason as a result of this news, please feel free to respond to your order confirmation and request that.

I’ve truly enjoyed making perfume for people!


(You can still contact me via email or the Facebook page.)